• Reopen Schools Safely: Respond to COVID-19 by utilizing science and health expertise to return students and teachers to school safely.
  • Focus on Equity:   All students must be given the tools and encouragement to succeed.
  • Strengthen Board Professionalism: The Board must hire qualified staff and then support them and hold them accountable.
  • Promote fiscal responsibility: One time money should not be used for ongoing programs. Beware of short term grants that create ongoing expenses.
  • Bring Educational Innovations to Newark Unified: Language Immersion programs-Spanish and Mandarin- and an International Baccalaureate program must be implemented. Initiatives focused on science and creative arts should be pursued.  Corporate donors can help if we provide a clear vision.
  • Retain Great Teachers and Staff: Teachers and staff are our key resources they need to be supported and rewarded.
  • Plan for Facilities: The assessment of facility needs must include robust community involvement.  The opportunity for a free school site in Southwest Newark must not be squandered.
  • Celebrate Our Achievements: Enrollment will steadily grow if we tell our story to the Community.  The Board should be ambassadors.