I am a long time Newark resident with a strong interest in seeing that Newark schools are worthy of our children.

I am honored to be serving as the Vice President of the School Board, I hope to continue to make progress in improving our schools. As your representative:
I have lead our response to the COVID Pandemic. Providing quality remote learning and reopening our schools when safe,- months before our surrounding school districts.
I have assured balanced budgets and added to our operation reserves.
I have sucessfuly promoted the completion of major capital projects, with a priority on modernizing air conditionsing and heating to assure pure air for students and staff.
I have helped guide the district towards right sizing or facilities addressing the challenges of consolidating schools.
I guided the intiation of a Dual Language imersion program where sudents are educated towards fluency in English and Spanish.
I helped guide the transformation of Newark Jr. High School to Newark Middle School. Facilitating innovative, state of the art scheduling and programing.
I played a key part in initiating the STAR Academy and Masters in Code certificate programs.

I brought my professionalism, integrity, and vision to the Newark School Board.
The School Board is now focused on providing policy direction, hiring qualified staff and holding staff accountable.

There is more to do to improve. Newark Schools can and should be world class educational institutions, If reelected I will continue to strive to see that the schools provide a challenging and welcoming learning environment to all students no matter their background or resources.

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