I am Terrence Grindall and I am seeking your vote for City Council.

I am experienced, visionary and ethical.

I have 34 years of experience in urban planning and city management. Including 13 years working as an executive for the City of Newark.

I am a long time Newark resident and am dedicated to our community. I’m a husband and father of two children. I’m a member and past president of the Newark Rotary Club, Newark Optimist Club, and the Newark Educational Foundation. I've been an active participant in many community activities.

If I am elected, I will listen to you and I will be open and honest in all things.

Please vote for me for City Council.
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Maintain a balanced budget without more taxes.


Support Schools and the Library


Address Homlessness with Housing & Treatment


Support Police and Fire


Improve Parks and Recreation


Attract quality jobs & ensure adequate wages.


Smart Land Use and Affordable Housing


Improve Roads and Transportation


Beautify Newark

Improve parks and facilities throughout the city to benefit everyone. Our parks have been neglected for decades, and it's time for modern improvements that serve all residents. We need playgrounds that every child, regardless of ability, can enjoy. 

Collaborate with the Newark Unified School District to improve education. The city government can and should offer more support to our schools. 

Expand library hours. It's the best library in the County and should be more accessible to everyone in the community. 

Equip the police force and Fire Department with the necessary resources, training, and technology to engage effectively with the community and maintain public safety.

Attract higher-paying jobs and expand apprenticeship programs. 

Advocate for smart land use policies, ensuring developers contribute their fair share while protecting the environment. 

Push for affordable housing options and assistance programs for home-buyers. 

Enforce City Codes to keep our Newark clean and attractive.

Address the homeless crisis with compassion, treatment and housing.

Enhance transportation by fixing potholes, managing traffic, improving public transit, and making it safer to walk and bike. 

Create "Quiet Zones" at railroad crossings to improve safety without ineffective loud horns. 

Bring in businesses that provide local job opportunities and shopping options, which will increase revenue for city services without raising taxes.

Reduce the city's carbon footprint through  solar power generation, high efficiency  and electric vehicles.  

Address the hazards caused by climate change such as extreme storms and sea level rise.

Bring in businesses that provide local job opportunities and shopping options, which will increase revenue for city services without raising taxes.

Worked for more than a decade guiding Newark’s community and economic development. 

Attracted major businesses like Costco, restaurants, hotels, and large employers to Newark. 

Served on the School Board during the pandemic and led the safe reopening of schools—well before neighboring districts. 

Supported a Dual Language Immersion program where students learn both English and Spanish fluency. 

Successfully advocated for the closure of a crime-ridden motel. 

Played a key role in establishing Newark's first dog park, all-weather sports fields, and first new park in years—all accomplished without increasing taxes. 

Ensured that new neighborhoods contributed positively to the community and brought in additional revenue. 

Contributed to developing the new Library, Police Headquarters, and City Administration Building. 

Actively involved in the community, serving as a long-term member and president of the Rotary Club, the Optimist Club, and the Newark Educational Foundation.

Soy Terrence Grindall, y busco su voto para el Concejo Municipal.

Tengo ética, experciencia y visión.

Actualmente me desempeño como Vicepresidente de la Junta Escolar de Newark, y tengo 32 años de experiencia en planeacion urbana and administración de ciudades. Incluyendo 13 años trabajando como ejecutivo en la Ciudad de Newark.

Soy residente de Newark desde hace mucho tiempo y estoy dedicado y comprometido con nuestra comunidad. Soy un devoto esposo y padre de dos hijos. Soy Presidente del Club Rotario de Newark, miembro y ex presidente del Club de los Optimistas y participo en muchas actividades de la comunidad.
Si soy electo, los escuchare y siempre sere abierto y honesto en todo.
Por favor vote por mi para el Concejo Municipal.

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我是Terrence Grindall,我正在寻求您对市议会的投票。



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